Foster-home parents

Our foster-home long-term experience of working both with children and young people, and as a family-supporter in the independent-living of the young people give us a good impetus to function as an entrepreneur in the sphere of a child protection.

Tarja Arbelius is a person in charge and a fopster-home mother works as a nurse, a contact person of the family and a health-care centre and psychotherapist. She also has experience of working as a school nurse, in maternity – and baby care. She has beeb working in health-care services since the age of 18.

Foster-home father Pekka Arbelius is “the owner of the estate” with the experience of carpenting. Pekka is ”a Jack of all trades” and is able to organize himself and consult the children and the young people in outdoor activities and becoming survivors. Pekka is also good at cooking. He is also a great fan of hockey and sport, as well as a fare referee.